FLP’s end-of-year celebration

The end-of-year event held on 10 December from 10h00 to 13h30 was a wonderful celebration of FLP’s work amongst the communities whom it serves. The Bulwer Community Hall was packed with around 250 group and network members, the director, coordinators, facilitators, speakers and guests. Joyce Ndolovu welcomed everyone and opened the event with prayer and Zimbili Dlamini directed the ceremonies with great skill and humour.

Highlights of the event were the presentations of song and dance by all the groups. These were not only entertaining but educational, carrying important messages for all South Africans and in addition, expressing gratitude to the project and to the communities in which the members live and work. A feature of the presentations was the traditional high kicking for which there was a lot of audience encouragement as well as some impromptu participation.

Guest speakers were Beatrice Mbhele of Operation Upgrade and Didi Makhanya from Save Act who has been working with groups in the network. After the presentations, certificates were presented to group members who had passed exams, there was an exchange of gifts and a substantial lunch followed the closing prayer of a fulfilling day.

As a result of the generosity of East Coast Radio and its listeners, every group member was presented with a bag of toys to take home to the children.

Jenny Aitchison