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Family Literacy Project Library report (September 2016)

It was a wonderful month at all FLP sites especially in our libraries as lot of things were happening during this month. We celebrated Literacy Month by encouraging all our participants to read more story books to their families and in their communities.  Many visited neighbours to read to them and their children, read in Schools and Crèches as well as at the FLP Libraries . We also organised literacy events where we invited people from the community in order to encourage them to read at home with their children. It was extremely successful in all sites, with many people attending and participating in the events. Many children also came to holiday programme and they thoroughly enjoyed the activities.

Kwapitela library

It was so wonderful to see so many boys attending the holiday programme in the library. Malibongwe, the FLP Library Assistant is doing well in the library. He mentioned that people from the community come regularly to read newspapers in the library. Children are borrowing books to read at homes. During the reading session, Malibongwe took children to the library and read a story to them.

Stepmore library

Literacy event went very well.  Many people attended the event. Parents got a chance to read stories to all of the children present. At the library children come from school to borrow books and play with toys in the library. Joyce and Renneth are taking tuns to read stories to the childen when they come to the library. During holiday programme many children attended the programme and they were happy with the activities

Ndodeni library

302 books have been borrowed during this month. Many children attended the FLP Arts Festival workshop at the library and they were happy to listen to some poetry.  Two Authors from Fundza Books were invited to read stories and encourage children and adults alike to write stories.  The Festival was a highlight for this isolated community and they celebrated the fact that published authors took the time to come and visit them during Literacy Month.  During the holiday programme children enjoyed the art activities especially the younger ones as they really enjoyed blowing the confetti balloon and making pom poms.

Mpumlwane library

Everything is working well in the library.  Crèche children continue to come to the library to play with toys and dolls. Bonisiwe first reads them a story and lets them draw, they enjoy staying in the library and it`s not nice for them when it`s time to go back to crèche. 541 books were borrowed in September.

Lotheni library

Crèche children come with their teachers to attend sessions in the library. During the FLP Literacy Event, 58 people attended the programme. 255 books were borrowed from the library during literacy month.  128 children attended the library holiday programme.